Invisible Drawings


There is nothing quite as amazing as trying to create the first versions of something you’ve been trying to make happen for the greater span of your life. I’ve been drawing since I could, and loving it for that long. Thirty or some odd years later, I finished running a small business as a potter where the great majority of my pieces attracted people because of the drawings I etched on them. Dana and I were just having a conversation about learning what’s actually in the way between what we’re doing presently in our lives and what we’re going to do down the road. I finally realized that as much as I enjoyed making pottery, it was just a precious canvas. I’m ready to let go of that preciousness and let the drawings live on their own. After years of creating ceramic objects for my drawings, it’s amazing that these images even exist without that solid mass behind them. It is as if they’re almost invisible. I feel like I’m making invisible drawings. And then add to that the captions Dana is composing, I find it strange how a history seems to emerge from something I might have only drawn an hour ago. I suppose this is nothing new considering the images that are in our own alphabet. There is something so obvious about the shape of an O when we imagine it as an open mouth. And of course we all know that an R looks like a pirate with his hand on his hip saying Rrr, and a Z is the pattern a buzzing fly makes in the air.


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