Bull’s Eye

I’ve always been really into repeating images, or stacking them. In illustrator, this is so convenient, it could become a gimmick quickly, but what can I say? I still love it. There is a little variation possible in every image as needed, so I don’t feel like it’s a pure copy. Although even a straight copy would entice me. I think it points to the idea of multiple lives being lived simultaneously by the same being.

The caption in my illustration today is appropriate as I spent a good deal of the day looking at Josh Keyes work. His sensibility regarding nature’s interaction with civilization is masterful. I will be doing whatever I can to mine that quality in my future illustrations. So today, I’m wandering the outskirts even thoug the whole sky is pointing to the bull’s eye.



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2 responses to “Bull’s Eye

  1. Ben

    Nice work Tim. I’ll need to get a print of your Kildeer illustration as it’s one of my favorite birds.
    Check out Diana Sudyka’s blog sometime: http://thetinyaviary.blogspot.com/
    Any lover of birds and illustration can appreciate her work. I’ll be checking back here often.

  2. kildeer

    thanks ben,

    I love Diana Sudyka’s blog. I’ll put it in my links promptly. And I’ll let you know when the kildeer illustration is in print! I might work on it a little bit yet. It has the body of a sparrow right now, I think.

    Hope all is well!

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