From the Great Ether

Thanks to all of you fantastic people who responded to the blog announcement today! This is an exciting project for me and I’m glad to be in touch with a community of artists and friends that have always motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing. Be sure to send me new links if you think of any. And tell all your friends!

This image is a treat, because it represents some of the earlier character studies for Sydney Arthur, the little boy in my graphic novel. If you want to see more recent realizations of this kid as he’s come to life in the past year, check out the flickr link to your right and page through the first ten pages. Sydney Arthur is a pun on the name Siddhartha that occurred to me while I was at a ten day meditation retreat three years ago (apparently not entirely rid of thoughts). Until then, he had only existed as a funny little naked boy with an unclear mission. Now he represents hope in a time of great apocalyptic thinking. 

This illustration above is another fun application of a different image of what this little boy could be. I like him here because he reminds me of when this idea was just getting going, and the ladybugs walking en masse through the shutters might represent the way ideas started flowing as soon as this kid’s name arrived from the great ether.


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