A Strange Commute

This image is of three beautiful friends of mine crashed out on our couch and living room floor. I worked from a photo and played a lot with line qualities in illustrator trying to capture this floating sensibility that they seemed to have in the photo. The day was hot, but not too hot, and it was after a filling Sunday brunch during our wedding weekend. Getting to draw these friends is a real treat, because I don’t get to see them these days since we’re in different states now. I wanted this to be a drawing about the presence of all my friends back in Seattle hovering around my house still here in Boulder. The caption reads “It’s a strange commute between meditation and the real world.” This distance between friends is a good analogy for the shifting that happens between who I think of as myself and the person  that seems to be watching me abstractly from the inside back wall of my mind. My witness self. Distant friends seem to always be witnessing my life as I feel like I’m still witnessing theirs. Especially since the dawn of Facebook!


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