Constantly Revealing New Rooms

I’ve always been fascinated with houses. I have dreams that I enter into them and check around every corner looking for new rooms. I often head downstairs for some reason and am surprised to find an extra room just beyond what I thought would have been the last. The most fantastic of these dreams ends up constantly revealing new rooms. It’s a form of eternity. Often the house looks simple on the outside, like it’s not really going to be that big, and from there the discovery begins. The illustration above is without a basement and suggests the lack of a back side as if it’s floating there, reconciling its desire to provide shelter with a dream of flying. These two qualities are constantly being negotiated in my own life. I love both feelings greatly, and this illustration captures that, I think.

I’m excited about the sky, and could see it appearing in other drawings to come. Those of you that know my history of sky drawings recognize my longtime interest in clouds. This highly simplified, mod, cloud scape hits right at the heart of my latest drawings while extending my longtime struggle trying to capture the expansiveness of the sky in simple terms. The sky feels natural while becoming a hyper-real, super-flat dream scape. I’m also enjoying working from an ellipse and distorting it into these mushroom cap shapes like you can see in the backdrop of the sky, the plants climbing the steps, and the green abstract tree form to the left. I’m also excited about the idea of a tree without a trunk, a rootless tree. As far as the Cadillac goes, I think it’s there because I saw one on the street the other day and had to draw it. I’m not a big car guy, but the nostalgic quality of it can’t be beat in this house fantasy. Why the power lines? I don’t know, they seemed to place it somewhere. The whole thing is sort of somewhere and nowhere. I relate to that.



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2 responses to “Constantly Revealing New Rooms

  1. What a little treat to stumble upon your blog, dear Timmie Foss. Now you are a husband, too.

    I also inhabit occassional dreams of exploring familiar structures and finding new floors and rooms. I always wake up after these visions feeling so relieved. Finding the extra spaces is an encounter with abundance but within existing structures…. I am working on experiencing this in my waking life, too.

    I love Kildeer and your world of illustrations.

    hope you had delicious honeymoon.

  2. kildeer

    Thanks Jenoa,

    I’m so happy you found the blog, you might have seen I stuck a link to yours up there as well! You were the one who inspired me to try wordpress, and voila, the many ramblings have begun.

    Although I was indirect about it, I too am finding these extra rooms in the existing structures of everyday life. They are subtle, but available. Dreams seem to teach us better ways of picking up a fork and finding cooler ways to eat spaghetti.

    all the best, and happy parenting on the lost coast!

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