Duplex with Manatees

Well today I got more than half way through this drawing and Illustrator crashed before I’d saved it, so what you’re seeing here is the second round. some ideas worked better and some didn’t. I’d been saving all of these recent drawings on the same illustrator file and it was taking so long to save I got out of the habit to keep up work flow. Going to change that file management concept. Meanwhile, by the time I got the grunt work done drawing the duplex, I pooped out trying to create a feel for the piece and am not completely sure it works yet. The colors are a little too Pop culture. It feels like I could use this illustration for Highlights magazine (I’d be happy to if anyone on staff is reading this :).

The main hope of the drawing was to represent the symbol of the duplex somehow so that it reflects the possibility of a couple living side by side with fully functional independent spirits and lives. A relevant symbol of my marriage as well as just a cool image to work on. There’s another generation of this on flickr too where I split the house apart and tried to make it more obvious that it was a duplex. Anyway I just played with it to this point. It’s far from finished, but I thought I’d post it now because I could see coming back to it later and it would be fun to compare the two versions down the line. 

Manatees? Well, they’re adorable, and once I made the house float like that, I couldn’t resist. I guess it just looks like a house that got flooded on the Gulf Coast or something, but hey! wouldn’t that be neat if this is what happened? 

In other news, I received a WACOM intuos3 illustration pad today in the mail. A small chunk of my grant money went to it and I think it was a good call. Reviews I’ve read say it speeds up the drawing process another 50%. We’ll see. I’ve been moving pretty fast with the mouse, but I’ll take it. Tune in on Thursday for the results. I’m going hiking all day in Estes Park tomorrow with my old friend, Sarah D from college, so I’m not sure I can provide a new drawing tomorrow, but I’ll have lots of photos to work from!


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