Moving through the same moment.

So here’s a series of moments woven together as one image of a guy that was at the meditation retreat. He really was striking these fantastic and thoughtful poses as we were waiting to enter the meditation hall. I happened to have my camera and quietly zoomed in from a ways a way and just kept snapping these pictures of him as he adjusted his position. He was a sweet guy recently moved here from Tokyo and he had perfectly erect posture and he said he’s studied in Zen traditions (which explains the posture). His attitude was so curious about nature and his practice seemed so solid. I added the magpie for a sense of mystery that he represented. The bird shows up around this area at interesting moments for me and this seemed like one of them. There are some people like this guy that you never have to talk to that seem to make the world a better place. This retreat was full of people like that, but this guy really stuck out as understanding something important. The piece is 14″ long and 8″ tall.


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