Young student attempts going somewhere










First day of graduate school. Second year. Go! 

Yes, I’m off and I’m filled with a sense of thrill, anxiety and calm all at once. I have a lot of plans for this year both artistically and academically. The feeling of trying to balance my creative self with my theoretical self is making me the most nervous, I think. Not to mention, there’s a part of me that thinks really practically about making and selling art as a living and the side that thinks way outside those parameters. I’ve often tried to combine the two since I believe that the general aesthetic potential of the everyday viewer is extensive were it only nurtured by better everyday art. I’m not sure I’m providing that, but I hope to. 

Meanwhile, this boy falling from (or is he balancing on) a pile of bicycles is a good piece to have started the year with. It actually comes from a dream I had of a kid riding a huge stack of six bikes at once, but the piece evolved more into this sense of everything falling apart while being barely held together by something not unlike hope. 

I’m so glad for all of you out there in blog land who can help keep me pedaling. So far posting these quick- study illustrations feels like it will keep me from being too sucked in by school while also providing me a good motivation to be in the studio working every morning.


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