Dreams of Trattoria

Wow, what a week. I’m not sure I’ve landed on the ground after hustling around campus like crazy organizing independent studies and beginning to teach a large group of undergrads how to draw. I felt like a camp counselor one minute and a naive little camper the next. So many roles to play. 

The great news is, I finally purchased a large monitor. It makes a load of difference to not be squinting at a laptop all the time. I bought a 24″ Samsung SyncMaster245BW. It’s not that pretty of a design but the resolution and brightness are incredible. I also received an amazing book on drawing called Vitamin D New perspectives on Drawing. It’s put out by Phaidon and is a massive hardcover. I highly recommend checking it out. It really gives me a sense of what is happening in the gallery world in regards to drawing. The medium is not as secondary to painting as it used to be. 

Also, I’ll be studying with professor William Kuskin the theory of the graphic novel. So I’ll be accountable to produce at least one more issue of Sydney Arthur . So be sure to look for that this Christmas on Flickr or by request. If you’re interested in an issue of the Swimming Lessons, please let me know in the comments section and I’ll tell you how to pay for it through paypal. One 9 page issue is $7.00. It’s an inkjet print on Hammermill satin paper. I will also be exhibiting original drawings of the Swimming Lessons issue at the UMC Gallery at CU Boulder in about three months. I’ll make an announcement as the time comes. 

The drawing above is another old piece from my sketchbook drawn on the earthtone paper you see in the foreground. I simply went into it with digital coloring in Illustrator. I’m pretty green  when it comes to mixing real scans with digital color, but I found it to be exciting and new (like on Love Boat). I created the two different crow silhouettes as symbols again and sprayed them with the spray can! So funny to spray birds. But the drawings of the crows were done as originals first, so no clip art here. The scene really ignited once I added the backdrop silhouette of an urban-scape. I enjoyed creating such a dense layered image after doing more line drawing lately. Hope you like!



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2 responses to “Dreams of Trattoria

  1. Nice work, Tim. I really like this one. Really great sense of depth. You should do some tutorials on your technique sometime (i’m sure you’ve got plenty of spare time to work on that). I’m always looking for new tips.

    Keep up the great work. I’m always checking the site, even if I don’t do such a great job of posting.

  2. kildeer

    Thanks! I’d like to work more this way if I can soon. Working with a paper that already has a colored ground is interesting (the foreground in this case). My only trouble is wishing I could sneak my added color behind the line work instead of in between or over it all the time. Slows things down not to have the line converted.

    Tutorials? well, sometime. Anyone else interested?

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