Stained Glass AK-47

I hesitated to post this right after I drew it because it isn’t a finished idea. But so you have something to mull over, this image came from a dream I had where I was being trained by some kind of elite, militant, Christian fundamentalist group to carry a stained glass AK-47. The gun in the dream was something you could hold in 3-dimensions like a Tiffany Lamp. In my drawing, it appears as a window with a gun designed into it. Not quite the same effect, but getting at the simple allusion of the militance behind the church. The strange thing about the dream, though is that the aristocratic folks seemed like they were kind of wealthy liberals, tennis club goers with a parlor where they were showing me this gun. So the final critique isn’t that black and white somehow.



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3 responses to “Stained Glass AK-47

  1. mathewmcconnell

    tyler and i have been looking at and laughing about an image of gov. palin shooting an assault rifle. it’s just too perfect of an image… it’s part of a video that seems to running around. check it out here:

  2. kildeer

    Definitely the most confusing and frightening images yet in this campaign. Everyone should see this. Scary!

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