Confrontational Ceramics

Very little time to make drawings lately as I’ve been bogged down by administrative stuff, but that should change next week, so keep the faith! I’m trying to put something up twice a week if possible. If you don’t want to check back here all the time, I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed in the upper corner to the right. This way you can check your own reader to see if I’ve posted anything new. 

Some exciting news lately, though I don’t have a drawing for you, I can announce my inclusion in a new ceramics anthology called Confrontational Ceramics edited by Judith Schwartz. It’s a beautiful coffee table book with a stunning international range of artists both historic and contemporary. It is a great honor to be in the book, although since I’m not working in clay right now, the experience is surreal. The piece is from 1999, and by the time it made it to print, it’s almost ten years later. In a way, I’m enjoying it maybe more than if it were published sooner. I have distance from that time in my life and I don’t feel frantic to try and leverage something from the publication. Sorry if that sounds crude, but as an artist with a responsibility to publicize my own work, it’s hard not to think that way at times. The 101 vases pictured above is actually stored in boxes back in Seattle, save the few individual pieces that actually sold, so it’s nice it has a life to live now in this form. You can read a blurb here about the piece of mine that is featured in the book.

Some of my favorite other pieces in the book are by Jeanne Quinn and Kim Dickey, my professors and two heroes of mine here at CU Boulder, as well as Tip Toland, Akio Takamori, and Jason Huff, who are old friends from Seattle and incredible artists. Definitely check out their work!

I highly recommend the book if you have an interest in ceramic work or work with a political or social lens, and not just because I’m in it, though that does effect my desire to blog about it…



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6 responses to “Confrontational Ceramics

  1. Ethan

    Excellent TF good work!

  2. kildeer

    thanks Ethan!

  3. Sarah

    how very cool to be included in that book! and what an interesting experience to have your art live on in this way… congrats, tim!

  4. kildeer

    Thanks Sarah! it is a bit like watching baby grow up. Except it’s made of stone and doesn’t poop I guess. But everything else.

  5. Hi Kildeer,

    I just finished a website for Judith for here book. You can see it at

    BTY, I love your work.


  6. janice

    Tim! I just ordered this book-i didn’t know that you were in it! Fabulous.

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