So Many Raisins Why

Below is an excerpt of a scene between Sydney Arthur (S) and Luzia (L) (pictured above), the two four year olds in my upcoming graphic novel. The scene below isn’t drawn yet, but I thought maybe you’d like a little taste of what I’ve been working on since I have no drawings to post. It’s wild to write instead of draw right now. It feels more raw. Like there’s more on the line. I haven’t done as much of it and the weirdest feeling is that I’m just making it up. Where the hell does it come from?

Where’s Jesus? Synopsis

Sydney and Luzia are gathered on the couch in Sydney’s duplex. The light is coming in from behind them on the couch and splashing through the aquarium. They’re looking over the back of the couch at the fish swimming in there. The moment seems to inspire this conversation.

S: Where’s Jesus?

L: I think he’s upstairs.

S: Where?

L: I think he’s in the closet in my brother’s room.

S: Why’s he in there?

L: I think because my brother’s really bad sometimes and my mom asked Jesus if he’d “stick around.”

S: What does stick around mean?

L: That’s what my mom says, “you better stick around!” she says. I think it means you’re supposed to use Pick-Up-Sticks for something.

S: What kind of something?

L: The kind of something where you play Pick-Up-Sticks when you have to because it’s raining oustide or because you did something bad and have to stay inside of your room all day and sing your favorite songs and play Pick-Up-Sticks.

S: So is that why Jesus is in your brother’s room because he’ll play Pick-Up-Sticks with him when he’s bad?

L: I think so and also because he knows a lot of songs that are nice to sing when you’re alone.

S: What kinds of songs does Jesus sing?

L: Mostly he sings the ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle, but sometimes he sings songs my brother likes that have big words in them like Reasons.

S: What does Reasons mean?

L: I think it’s like when you have Golden Gramz and you put RAISINS in it.

S: That’s nice.


S: How do you spell REASONS?

L: R-G-T-F-Y-L

S: That’s nice.


S: Does Jesus put a lot of REASONS in his Golden Gramz?

L: I think so.


S: Why does Jesus sing about Golden Gramz all the time?

L: I don’t know [pause] sometimes I hear my brother playing songs in his room that say things like “’So Many RAISINS why” and I think sometimes I hear Jesus singing along!

S: How do you know it’s not just your brother singing?

L: Because my brother doesn’t like RAISINS.

S: That’s nice.

to be continued….:)


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