Getting Home

"home""home"My most recent comic project. I’m doing what I can to develop a series of short stories during the time constraints of grad school and going to baby birthing classes. This, I hope is the first of many. Keep an eye out. This is also the first autobio comic I’ve tried, though the guy doesn’t look like me, this really happened. I was the biker and I’m not proud of my reaction. It’s a real conundrum what to do about the feeling that, as a biker, sitting at a red light feels ridiculous when there are no cars, and yet it also seems ridiculous when a driver so righteously yells at a biker as if it’s going to help. Paradox seems ripe for comics. I mean for this piece to be read slowly, and I hope the pacing helps with that. It’s like a mini parable.



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  1. nicely done Tim. I love the conundrum and irony of it all. nobody wins when we all feel bad…

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