You Gotta Ask Your Heart

This is a series of images, the first seven out of seventy-five that are intended to accompany a song I’ve written, not so much as a music video in comics, but more of a live performance accompanied by projected drawings. I’ll put up the video when it’s done. What I’m excited by is the desire to work with two tones of wash directly on cold press Arches watercolor paper. Again finding I miss the old methods a little, simplifying my process. Each image is only 5×7 and so the sum makes a lovely little stack of originals that I’d like to enclose in a hand made box upon finishing. I’ll also make reproductions into a book hopefully. But for now, here’s a peek at what I’ve gotten scanned. I’ll put some more up soon. I tried to scan them so the torn edges of the paper would show so as to maintain some of the analog feel of a book despite the finals being projected. I’m also thinking of shuffling through them by hand on video so it shows the tactility of the paper more while it is accompanied by the song. I’ll attach that later once I’ve made the mp3. I’m still mixing it down. The song is called, You Gotta Ask Your Heart.


page 1 (Ask Your Heart)

page 2 (Ask Your Heart)page 3 (Ask Your Heart)page 4 (Ask Your Heart)page 5 (Ask Your Heart)page 6 (Ask Your Heart)page 7 (Ask Your Heart)



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2 responses to “You Gotta Ask Your Heart

  1. kildeer

    Thanks Erin. It will be fun to post the video soon. It’s like a super slow animation in a way.


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