Mother & Child with Water Stairs

momchild3Big breakthrough last night due to a couple of great bloggers out there. Dani Draws and Zen Textures along with the ever present bittbox who provided me with all the advice and even some of the tools to create this piece above (bittbox is giving away beautiful photoshop watercolor brushes). The drawing is really a pencil doodle I did in my sketchbook that I later inked to pass the time and scanned to see if I’d use it someday. It turned up here when I was experimenting with the textured backdrop I got from Zen Textures for free! Beautiful scans of photoshop textures that makes it look like you’ve been traveling through the outback and had to make a drawing of a dream on an old folded open cereal box left in your backpack from 1972. Then I drew in the stairs in a color layer below the line layer and texturized the color with an eraser tool texture on a really large scale to make it look as if it had been printed in 1972 as well and the ink has peeled away. All of that texture combined with the dreamy nostalgia of the mother and child sitting so peacefully on the water stairs looking toward some gentle place not too far away, but no longer nearby.

That segues nicely into making it well known that I have a two week old little boy living in my house with me and my wife now. Alas, it has been a beautiful experience sensing my heart breaking open to loving a little human animal so currently unaware of its future status aside from what we project onto him.


He is living in a state of reflexes, nerves, accidental smiles, grunts, phlegm, boobs, and milk. We love him like it hurts. It’s a vague, but pulsating sense of needing to tell him, but feeling unable to communicate it. Right now that can be blamed on his inability to understand words, but I have my suspicions that I’ll be feeling it just as deep when he’s 12. Or 18. Or 50 if I live that long. Wow. It’s coming on slow too. Which means, I don’t have any idea when it will reach full capacity. Here’s a glimpse. Some drawings to come about babies and me. Meanwhile, meet Eli Jupiter Foss.



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3 responses to “Mother & Child with Water Stairs

  1. congratulations again, Tim. And thanks for the detailed explanation on the drawing. It turned out beautiful.

    • kildeer

      You bet, Todd, and thanks! Let me know if you want more details. I’d love to hear your input for photoshop ideas anytime.

  2. John Kadlecek

    Hey Tim. Just saying hi and that it’s good to see your work, and to hear your words about that love too big to get through. Still would love to hook up. We’re currently translating Le Roi de Mouches by Mezzo and Prius for D&K. Interesting book. Hope to see you soon. Best to you and your family. John

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