Dreams of sleep

Dreams of sleep, originalHere’s the original bristol board comic done with brush and ink about a night of sleep loss with my wife and newborn. I tried to capture the fragmented quality of the night, but really it was an exercise laying out a full size single page story. Click on the image to see it full size in Flickr.

Dreams of sleep, finalHere’s the final with the blacks added digitally. The piece as a whole feels like it owes a lot to Will Eisner, though the style of the characters are a little more indebted to Chris Ware and Dan Clowes. Those two are also well aware of the influence of Herge and Winsor McCay on their own art and I feel the same, though I hadn’t been aware of those artists until recently. Ah comics. Such a great time.

I’ve been teching a class in making comics and this was the project I did as a demonstration. I’m really glad for the motivation to make something that’s not my thesis work right now. Though my next mini-comic will definitely be tied into my thesis. Still, it will be  a nice piece to trade with the students. Glad to have the inspiration. The baby slept till 5 this morning! I can work! I got up right then and haven’t stopped since. Eli really wants to figure out the world.

I also need to upload my last animation/cartoon slide show piece I’d finished last semester. coming soon!



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2 responses to “Dreams of sleep

  1. Tim! great to see how your work has progressed. Nice job!

  2. Sarah R

    hey tim –

    though i absolutely love this comic – and all that it evokes – what i really want to say is, yea for eli pulling a full night’s sleep! (yes, 5 am counts as a full night’s sleep.) high five’s to all 3 of you!

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