Beyond webcomics…

After finally finishing my MFA and thesis performance (trailer to be edited soon and posted), as a collaboration with a gifted professor of English Lit at CU Boulder, I created the art for his online course about comics. Playing with persona, the professor (pictured in page 1 below as a sillhouette) parks his motorcycle outside the GRUPPENTECH NETWORK AND ROBOTIC EDUCATION (G.E.N.R.E.) building and proceeds into the lab to be injected into the “grid” by the mad scientists of the university’s online education program. I had a blast creating this piece and have one more page to ink, but couldn’t wait to throw these online. Kuskin and I enjoyed collaborating so much, we’re about to work on a piece about his Harley trip down to New Orleans after Katrina hit. Hopefully we’ll see that soon! Enjoy!






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