Who is Kildeer?

Kildeer is Tim Foss’s alias as an illustrator, designer and graphic novelist. Kildeer is the chosen name based on his childhood experiences with this mysterious bird.  You can read about these experiences in the first couple posts. Currently Tim is attending the University of Colorado in Boulder to receive his Masters in Fine Art, but he is also known for his ceramic work made from 1996 and 2006. You can read about his ceramic work on the other page heading “Confrontational Ceramics Blurb.” 

Any text you see accompanying many images in Tim’s blog is written by his wife and poet, Dana Elkun. They will be making these pieces available as prints by the beginning of January 2009. Keep in touch and happy reading!


6 responses to “Who is Kildeer?

  1. Hi Tim–could you turn on your RSS feed so I can list you on my reader list? Much appreciated!

  2. Tim, fantastic illustrations! I can’t wait to see some more.

  3. kildeer

    The RSS feed is posted up top now. Feel free to subscribe. It’s a blast having feeds come to your own reader. try it!

    and thanks for the kind words, Scott!

  4. hi kildeer
    i dont´t know if we met at the dathun but i was there for the second week
    i loved your drawings
    i´m from Brazil´s sangha and i´m also an ilustrator and artist
    i would like to show you some of my sculptures
    the best for you
    paula gama

  5. John Kadlecek

    Hey Tim,
    Here’s a link to the comic artist I was telling you about at Dana’s reading. Glad to discover your work here. I’ll take a look. Go to: http://www.drawnandquarterly.com/shopCatalogFeatured.php and look for Nicolas. Also, Baloney is the book I just co-translated. Good luck with the new born.

  6. Tim!
    Is this how I reach you?
    Alas, I am in Boulder! I was just reminded that you live here by W.C. Haden. Anyway, Slideluck Potshow launches at BMOCA on Saturday night! If you are in town, you must bring the fam. It would be great to catch up and it would be a special honor as you not only attended the very first Slideluck (10 years ago), but you presented work!
    Hope all is well! At least I know you are getting plenty of sun.

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